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Marriage Reconciliation
posted by: danielle Y. on 3/16/2018

My name is Danielle. My husband has filed for divorce. He agreed to try marriage counseling one last time. Please pray for God to soften his heart to me. Pray for favor in our therapy sessions that we will get to the root of our problems and heal the wounds and resentment that have poisoned our marriage. Pray that I will have the right words to say that will reach his heart and not anger him. For the therapist’s wisdom to help us. For divine intervention to completely restore our marriage long term and that we will not fall back into old habits. That the joy, fun and light heartedness will return. That he will let go of past anger, hurt and resentments completely. For knowledge on how to fix our marriage. That our relationship will be completely healed.

I will pray 2 people are praying.